4 Feb to 5 Apr 2023

In celebration of Noosa’s richly diverse natural environment- the inspiration for many of the region’s artists, the work of multiple Sunshine Coast and Gympie artists has been curated into an expansive salon-style hang. Grouped with other thematically and chromatically similar works, together they create a larger landscape- an immersive environment, that echoes the landscape of the Noosa region. 

MORE THAN THE SUM OF ITS PARTS brings together an ambitiously scaled ensemble of works in an installation that seeks to give a unique perspective on this special place locals call home. 


Erica Aronsten  

Belle Arnold  

Marvene Ash  

Victoria Atkins  

Michael Augustine  

Natalie Barlow  

Judy Barrass  

Rosalie Barry  

Lee Birch  

Susan Zela Bissett  

Sine Black  

Victoria Bradbury  

Peter Butler  

Lisa Chandler  

Tony Coles  

John Cook  

Carlo de Bono  

Giuliana De Witts  

Saren Dobkins  

Wendy Epp  

Christine Forbes  

Elizabeth Gair-Palmer  

Joolie Gibbs  

Margie Gibson  

Simone Gillam  

Naida Ginnane

Fiona Groom

Ian Gunn  

Kym Henke Poole  

Jeanine Hill  

Jenny Hines  

Emmanuelle Holmes  

Trevor Hood  

Petalia Humphreys  

Jeff Hunter  

Christine Kirkegard  

Michele Knightley  

Michelle Kurth  

Helen Lawson  

Dale Leach  

Beck Lee  

Rosie Lloyd-Giblett  

Julie Lucht De Freibruch  

Sancha McGilchrist  

Wendy McGrath  

Jan Milner  

Jan Muprhy  

Kellie O’Dempsey  

Nicole Orange  

Pamela Pease  

Alan Pirie  

Jewel Polkinghorne  

Beatrice Prost  

Nedra Purnell

Nicole Reed  

Karen Rogers  

Desley Rolph  

Lindy Sale  

Jacques Sauterel  

Susan Schmidt  

Diana Shepherd  

Dianne Smith  

Eva Tan  

Martin Taylor  

Mike Taylor  

Pam Taylor  

Terri Trivett  

Jude Tulloch  

Juanita Van Den Bergh  

Rossella Van Vugt  

Yanni Van Zijl  

Jolinda Visser  

Dinah Wakefield  

Margaret Watt  

Louwna Weber  

Charlotte Wensley  

Kerry Wilson  

Kay Wright  

Anne Yang 

If you’d like to access a diagram of this exhibition, detailing where individual works are situated in the salon-style hang and the artists who created them, please follow the link below:

Media Release
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Main Image: Rosie Lloyd-Giblett, Totems of the Noosa National Park 1, 2022, acrylic and charcoal on canvas, 82 x 62cm. Photo by Tonia Cecil.