MIRIAM INNES: New York Rambling

14 November 2020 to 24 January 2021

Artist’s Statement

“For 20 years I have executed my drawing practice in charcoal. The natural qualities of charcoal remind me of my childhood picture making, where I often used pieces of bog oak. Bog oaks are thousands of years old and sourced from beneath the layers of peat-lands in the west of Ireland, where rural families like my own spent long summers ‘saving the turf’.

The process of using natural mediums to recreate man-made architectural structures has essentially been a core value in the work and its execution. Fascinated with urban environments from an early age, captivated by pictures, movies, stories and eventually the experience of traveling; it was New York City that left a lasting imprint and a desire to investigate and convey it as a subject in my practice.

Capturing the city, its unique urban characteristics and beauty, a strong awareness of contrast and perspective within the work, whilst sharing the lasting impact I felt when there were crucial aspects of this investigation. The medium, subject-matter and scale of the drawings depend and rely on contrast and perspective. These are incredibly important to ensure an immersive experience for my audience.

My aim is to showcase this through charcoal, merging my passions to deliver NY Rambling; a simple, greyscale, soundless environment that is unlike a regular New York sensory experience. It offers an opportunity to view the city’s urban details and view it through the eyes of the artist. These works invite viewers to share an experience strolling along sidewalks, crossing streets, sharing a coffee perhaps, grabbing a bargain in China town or hanging on the edge of a rooftop. Taking in the expansive area congested with gritty details, bricks, shadows, taking care to avoid that smoke stack!”

– Miriam Innes

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Main image: Miriam Innes, New York rambling – Panel A 2018, Charcoal on Fabriano paper, 150 x 460cm. Courtesy of the artist.