KELLIE O’DEMPSEY : SHE DOES (working title)

2 Dec 2023 to 18 Feb 2024

She Does (working title) gives visual form to the memory and experience of the liminal space between dying and death. In caring for someone exiting this life, Kellie O’Dempsey felt like they were a caretaker of memories; and the objects—cupboards, boxes, antiquities and personal effects—wherein these memories are infused. She Does (working title) uses these objects to explore the complex fragility, intimacy, exhaustion and monotony of this temporal space, when one is confronted with their own mortality via the death of a parent. Drawing on installation, performance and video, O’Dempsey ritualises care and nurtures relationality to quietly honour women’s unseen labour and question the value of care in a society that values capital.

Exhibition Events

exhibition opening 1 Dec 2023
artist talk 3 dec 2023
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Main Image: Kellie O’Dempsey, 2023. photo by Warwick Gow.