GABRIEL POOLE : Space In Which The Soul Can Play

11 Sept to 31 Oct 2021

A survey exhibition showcasing the career of architect Gabriel Poole.

Internationally recognised, award-winning Australian architect Gabriel Poole was known for his innovative, light-weight designs that profoundly influenced the direction of architecture in Queensland.

Site and climate responsive, Poole’s commitment to working with the realities of location, materials and budget epitomised the ways in which an architectural response can strengthen the character and identity of a region.

If a house is built only for shelter,
It is not truly a house for one’s soul.
As much as we need a place where we can cook and sleep,
We need a place where our souls can play.
 – Ancient Japanese Poem

Artist Statement

‘I believe over a long period of time – you just build up a library in your head.  You’re not conscious of it but these things just come out. I know there is that enormous library there when I’m designing things.  John Dalton always said there is nothing new under the sun. You keep getting ideas from other people. It’s really a matter of how you use them. The creativity is the ability to select these things and use them. I never claim that what I do is original. What I do is to take old technology that has been used for hundreds of years and apply it to our needs now and utilise current technology.’


Video: Interview with Gabriel Poole by ABC TV’s Rewind program in 1998. Courtesy of Elisabeth Poole.

Media Release
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Main Image: Gabriel Poole, Lake Weyba House. Photo by Reiner Blunck. Courtesy of Elizabeth Poole.