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Gary Field
Spoon Carving: The perfect introduction to the art of woodcarving

Spoons have been made by humans for thousands of years by countless makers, but there is still plenty of opportunity for self-expression. The humble spoon has all the elements for the introduction to woodcarving; the handle can become a sculptural element and the spoon can be taken to the next level and developed into a bowl.

Gary will take you from design concept to carving your own spoon. Equipping you with the skills to tackle more challenging projects, transofrm a blank of timber into a useful object of visual beauty. 

Hands on individual tuition tailored to each participants’ taste and skill level. Tools, timber, inspiration and advice supplied.

Saturday 20 July 2019
10.30am - 12.30pm
$60 Including materials
Bookings essential. BOOK HERE SOLD OUT

Gerhard Herbst
Jewellery Making: An Introduction to metalsmithing techniques

In this workshop using just a few tools, students will learn the basic jewellery and forging techniques needed to create a beautiful sterling bangle.
Beginning with a simple length of wire students will learn hammering techniques required to skilfully shape and harden metal.

Create an endless variety of jewellery shapes by learning to hand forge copper silver or gold. Forging is an ancient technique where specialised hammers and anvils are used to shape metal.

No prior jewellery experience is necessary.

Saturday 31 August 2019
10am - 3.00pm
$120 Including materials


Alicia Lane
Metallic Botanic: A simplified approach to metal sculpture

Artist Alicia Lane will share a simplified approach to techniques developed through her extensive studio research. Participants will create three dimensional forms using recycled aluminium or copper shim by employing folding, texturing, cutting and piercing techniques. Respond to geometric and organic shapes found in nature to create your own small sculptural object or tea light holder/lantern.

Alicia Lane has created two pieces for the USE exhibition. Her works reference the deforestation of trees for purposes of colonialism in Australian history.

Saturday 7 September 2019
10am - 1.00pm
$40 Including materials