Choose your own ‘art’ venture!

Art videos for young people, parents and teachers.

Art Your Way videos have been put together for you to create at home. Structured so that you can choose your own creative path by working through them in any order, welcome to your ‘art’ venture!


Paint Play – warm up

A fun way to loosen up before you get stuck into a painting!

    Video Tutorial
    Painting Landscape Sept Hols Lr

    Fields of Paint

    Let’s paint a landscape! Choose an image or make up your own and learn here how to create layers, depth, add detail to bring a landscape to life.

      Video Tutorial

      Simple Portraiture

      Faces may seem difficult and complex, but with some general guidelines to follow portrait drawing can be simple to do.

        Video Tutorial

        Smear and Smudge – paint warm up

        Explore how paints can mix to create new colours while creating some awesome marks and texture!

          Video Tutorial

          Experimental Drawing

          Experiment with drawing in as many different and non-traditional ways as you can think of. Demonstrated here are some methods to get you going.

            Video Tutorial

            Experimental Portraiture

            Distort aspects of the face and create an abstracted portrait with expression and emotion.

              Video Tutorial
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