School Holiday Program

Welcome to our FREE July School Holiday Workshops online! Learn to make and create awesome stuff via video tutorials and downloadable instruction sheets. These holidays, we will feature a video of local artist Rosie Lloyd-Giblett, as well as a variety of activities using art supplies you are likely to have at home. Don’t forget to share them with your friends!

Email us a photo or scan of the art you created from our online programs, and we’ll add it to our display wall in the Gallery! Email:

Wool Painting Tile

Wool Painting

Create vibrant original paintings using wool instead of a brush! 

    Activity Instructions
    Leaf Rubbing Tile

    Leaf Rubbings

    Create colourful nature rubbings from the variety of leaves found in your garden.

      Activity Instructions
      Handy Creatures Tile

      Handy Creatures

      Make fun animal artworks by tracing your hand!

        Activity Instructions
        River Reflections Tile

        River Reflections with Rosie

        While working outside in nature, create an expressive and colourful landscape artwork in response to the natural environment. Watch local artist Rosie Lloyd-Giblett in action, and then have a go yourself.

          Activity Instructions
          Colourful Creations Tile

          Colourful Creations

          Create a dazzling world of paper plants, animals, figures and shapes using French artist Henri Matisse’s renowned method; ‘drawing with scissors’.

            Activity Instructions
            Animal Mania Tile

            Animal Mania!

            Explore contour and pure line drawing techniques while sketching your pet or favourite stuffed animal.

              Activity Instructions
              Morning Tea Tile

              Morning Tea Painting

              Make your own ink using tea and coffee! Look to the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh for inspiration, and create a unique painting using mark making techniques.

                Activity Instructions
                My Pets Like To Hide In Boxes Tile

                My Pet Likes To Hide In Boxes

                See double while creating a magic transfer artwork using pastels and pen!

                  Activity Instructions
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