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white clay kids

White Clay Whatnots

Have fun this Noosa Show Day Holiday making your own dreamy white clay! Make cool clay models, jewellery pendants, ornaments, hand-prints and more!

    Activity Instructions
    Fathers Day Explosion Card

    Father’s Day Explosion Box

    Make Dad or the special person in your life an awesome explosion box card this Father’s Day! 

      Activity Instructions
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      Wet Chalk Drawing

      Inspired by the work of FEM-aFFINITY exhibition artist Fulli Andinopoulos. Create vibrant, smooth blended layers of chalk- artworks that ‘pop’ on a black backgrrund!

        Activity Instructions
        My Pets Like To Hide In Boxes Tile


        See double while creating a magic transfer artwork using pastels and pen!

          Activity Instructions
          Tin Can Owl Tile

          Make A Tin Can Owl

          Use as a fun pencil storage container, or perhaps a cute plant pot! 

            Activity Instructions
            Agamograph Tile

            Make An Agamograph

            Amaze your family and friends with an artwork that changes from one image to another!

              Activity Instructions
              Animal Mania Tile

              ANIMAL MANIA

              Explore contour and pure line drawing techniques while sketching your pet or favourite stuffed animal.

                Activity Instructions
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                Exquisite Corpse

                Invented in Paris in 1925 by a group of Surrealist artists; find two friends to join you in a drawing game that gives life to strange, comical creatures!

                  Activity Instructions
                  Diy Tshirt Bag Img 3858 1

                  Up-cycled T-shirt bag! 

                  Turn a disused t-shirt into a uniquely you carry bag! No sewing skills necessary!

                    Activity Instructions
                    Pop Pom Tile

                    Make a Pom Pom Pet

                    Pom Pom Pets are fun and easy to make! Get creative and turn your creations into animals, monsters or even funny little aliens!

                      Activity Instructions
                      Hand Animal Drawings 1

                      Handy Creatures

                      Make fun animal artworks by tracing your hand!

                        Activity Instructions
                        Colourful Creations Tile

                        Colourful Creations

                        Create a dazzling world of paper plants, animals, figures and shapes using French artist Henri Matisse’s renowned method; ‘drawing with scissors’.

                          Activity Instructions
                          Scrunch Paper Tile

                          Scrunch Paper Art

                          Turn crumpled pieces of paper into colourful new art works!

                            Activity Instructions
                            River Reflections Tile

                            RIVER REFLECTIONS WITH ROSIE

                            While working outside in nature, create an expressive and colourful landscape artwork in response to the natural environment. Watch local artist Rosie Lloyd-Giblett in action, and then have a go yourself.

                              Activity Instructions
                              Woven Wall Hanging Tile

                              Make a Weaved Wall Hanging

                              All you need is wool, ribbon or string to make a sweet little weaved wall hanging to gift or to keep!

                                Activity Instructions
                                Puff Paint Art Adventures Tile

                                Make your own Puffy Paint

                                Why paint flat when you can paint puffy?! Puffy paint really brings your art to life!

                                  Activity Instructions
                                  Morning Tea Tile

                                  MORNING TEA PAINTING

                                  Make your own ink using tea and coffee! Look to the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh for inspiration, and create a unique painting using mark making techniques.

                                    Activity Instructions
                                    sock bilby

                                    Make A Sock Bilby

                                    Make a cute little sock Bilby! A cuddly, Aussie inspired toy made from recycled materials.

                                      Activity Instructions
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