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Creative guides for young people, parents and teachers.

Art Your Way creative guides have been put together for you to create at home. Structured so that you can choose your own creative path by working through them in any order, welcome to your ‘art’ venture!

Mark Making 1

Mark Making with Paint

Shown here are some tools and the marks they can make when used with paint.

The options for working with paint are endless and limited only by your imagination!

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    White Clay Whatnots

    Have fun this Noosa Show Day Holiday making your own dreamy white clay! Make cool clay models, jewellery pendants, ornaments, hand-prints and more!

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      Colourful Creations Tile

      Colourful Creations

      Create a dazzling world of paper plants, animals, figures and shapes using French artist Henri Matisse’s renowned method; ‘drawing with scissors’.

        Activity Instructions
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        Window to the World

        What’s outside your window? Trees, the neighbours house,
        a view of the street, maybe a swimming pool?

        Draw the view outside your window!

          Activity Instructions
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          Exquisite Corpse

          Invented in Paris in 1925 by a group of Surrealist artists; find two friends to join you in a drawing game that gives life to strange, comical creatures!

            Activity Instructions
            Morning Tea Tile


            Make your own ink using tea and coffee! Look to the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh for inspiration, and create a unique painting using mark making techniques.

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