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Welcome to our FREE Art At Home learning resources for children and youth.

Developed by our Gallery Educator, learn essential skills to improve your creative art making via video tutorials and downloadable PDF instruction sheets.

Paint Play 1

Paint Play – warm up

A fun way to loosen up before you get stuck into a painting!

What you need: Paint, brushes, water pot, paper, tape

Note: The warm ups in this video can be done using pencil, markers, crayons or anything you have at home.

Info for parents/teachers – These warm up exercises are great for loosening up muscles in the wrist when working big and painting fast. Slowing down and retracing painted lines and working with two hands is great for developing hand eye-coordination.

    Video Tutorial
    Smear Smudge 1

    Smear and Smudge – paint warm up

    Explore how paints can mix to create new colours while creating some awesome marks and texture!

    What you need: Paint, palette knife and/or paddle pop stick, paper, tape

    Info for parents/teachers: This exercise is a practical exploration of colour theory, demonstrating how a simple use of primary colours merge to make secondary colours. Experimenting with the amount of paint applied shows balance and ratios when mixing colours. While the black and white explores value and how straightforward it can be to create tonal value in grey scale.

      Video Tutorial
      Mark Making 1

      Mark Making with Paint

      Shown here are some tools and the marks they can make when used with paint.

      The options for working with paint are endless and limited only by your imagination!

        Activity Instructions
        Painting Landscape Sept Hols Lr

        Fields of Paint

        Let’s paint a landscape! Choose an image or make up your own and learn here how to create layers, depth, add detail to bring a landscape to life.

        What you need: Paint, canvas or thick paper, brushes, water pot, pencil, palette

          Video Tutorial
          Coffee Pods

          Artificial Reef Build

          Join exhibiting artist Beatrice Prost on the journey to build an artificial reef!

          Watch the online video to see her in action, and drop in to collect a FREE recycled bag of goodies to construct your creation at home.

            Video Tutorial Activity Instructions
            Img 5593 2

            Window to the World

            What’s outside your window? Trees, the neighbours house,
            a view of the street, maybe a swimming pool?

            Draw the view outside your window!

              Activity Instructions
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