6 Sept to 14 Oct 2018

Rising to the Surface by Simon Finn
Official opening, Thursday 6 September, 6pm
Free event. All welcome.

Image: Simon Finn, Instability, video still, 2018

Rising to the Surface

Simon Finn

Rising to the Surface brings together a suite of works that draw on the
artist’s experience of ocean diving. Sculptural and printed works represent
volume compression of oxygen as it navigates ten-meter increments under the ocean.
The works are poetic formation of data in three and two dimensions,
to give a visual sense of the actual and virtual descent under the surface of our oceans


Artist Talk
Simon Finn
Saturday 8 September, 11am - 12pm

This is a unique opportunity to meet, Simon Finn. He is an artist, specialising in drawing, animation and sculpture. Simon captures single moments in time through his charcoal drawings and synthetic sculptures. He considers his artworks an exploration between artist, environment and technology.

FREE RSVP appreciated