SHANNON GARSON : Shimmering World

29 January to 21 March 2021

SHIMMERING WORLD is an exhibition of new works by popular local Maleny ceramicist Shannon Garson. Highlighting the unique beauty of the sub-tropical rainforest landscape from a contemporary perspective, Garson’s multidisciplinary approach draws connections between the physical landscape and the landscape tradition- predominantly from a male perspective- within art. Garson’s installation of ceramic forms and mirrored drawings create both aesthetic and philosophical connections to our view of natural places as visitors, and even as part of the eco-system itself.

Artist Statement

“Shannon Garson is known for her thrown porcelain vessels decorated with intricate drawings exploring the relationship between domestic forms and the infinite variety of striations, spots, and marks found in nature. Intense observation and drawings of the rainforest and the river’s edge underpin her entire work, intense, solitary work, consistently exploring the boundaries of what it is to be human in this shimmering, changeable, dazzling, world.”


Media release
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Main image: Shannon Garson, Ceramic Pots. Courtesy of the artist.