ArtCycle People's Choice Prize ArtCycle People's Choice Prize

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The People's Choice Winner will be announced online Monday 2 October 2017.


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Allen Ferris- I'm Sorry
Mr Percival
   Anna Oliver
   Barry Rosenberg
Cyclops Does Walkies. Dogg Doesn’t: An Automat 2017
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Daryl Murphy
The Robots are coming
  Geoffrey Datson
Cymballic Gesture
  George Smith
Old Mates
d   e   f
Jan Dungan
  Loani Prior
Sleeveless in Seattle
  Lucy Yule
VHS Veronica
g   h   i
Noela Mills
  Phil Willy
Chip Check Mate
  Raimo Kivinen
j   k   l
Sophy Blake
  Stuart Gollan
  Victoria Bradbury
Fleur Tries Contemplating the Future Through Rose Coloured Glasses
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