Winter 2015 Winter 2015


Wax and Wabi Sabi - Kym Barrett

An exhibition of works evoking the ESSENCE of WABI SABI and SENSE of PLACE - a mix of solitude, serenity, strength and vulnerability; honesty, tenderness, subtlety and drama - traits of outer landscape (Nature) and internal landscape (Feeling states). The invisible qualities of Wabi Sabi are made present in the art work.


From Sense to Sensuality - Thomas Sydow

The colourful and multi-layered abstract artworks of Thomas Sydow are inspired by the artist’s deep fascination for design of nature and natural landscape. By using the refined technique of sgraffito, he creates unique colour-oscillating effects on canvas, handmade paper and bark. A video installation by renowned new media artist, Stephen Hamacek, accompanies the exhibition.


ROSENO, Edwin, Indonesia  b.1979 Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena) (from ‘Green hypermarket’ series 2011-12, digital print on aluminium / 40 cm (diam.)

Indo Pop: Indonesian Art from APT7

ATP Highlights ‘Indo Pop: Indonesian Art from APT7‘ showcases works from the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT7). The touring exhibition will feature works in a variety of media and styles, and represents a young and exciting group of artists gaining widespread international attention.