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Images: Rachel's-Bagpipes.-Repaired-by-Dylan-Martorell.-Photos-by-Lee-Grant.-Image-copyright-Hotel-Hotel



… a broken product or thing? We want to hear from you!

We are researchers from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and the Australian National University (ANU) conducting research study on creative forms of repair in collaboration with Noosa Regional Gallery.

We’d like to hear from people, from all sorts of backgrounds, who own a broken object and are interested in discussing that object, and their perceptions and experiences of topics such as repair, waste and consumer culture.

We are interested in anything broken, including household items, appliances, clothing or textiles, furniture, consumer products, and any items of small or large size, financial or sentimental value.

With your consent, your object may be given to a visual artist, designer or craftsperson for creative repair. The object may be transformed in any kind of way, documented for publication, and at the end of the process returned to you.

Key Dates:

Saturday 2nd December 2017
1st Interview and drop off of broken objects at Noosa Regional Gallery

Saturday 20th January 2017
2nd interview and collection of repaired/transformed objects at Noosa Regional Gallery