Finalists 2017 Finalists 2017


Pauline Adair 
Cross Trainer 2017 (detail)
charcoal and pastel
40 x 33cm


Kym Barrett 
The Cloister (diptych) 2017 (detail)
ink, wax on Unryushi paper
50 x 64cm


Zela Bissett 
Botanical Beauties 2017 (detail)
ink and wash on hand made papers
77 x 57cm



Kerry Blackwell 
Water’s Edge 2017 (detail)
charcoal, conte, gesso on Arches
97 x 76cm




Peter Breen
Priestley Bypass Leaves
Serious Behind 2017 (detail)

graphite, ink, coloured
pencil on ageing encyclopaedia pages
71 x 69cm

Pat Cale 
The Quiet Mind 2017 (detail)
ink, pastel
91 x 91cm





Glenise Clelland 
Peter Head-Whitsundays 2017 (detail)
80 x 60cm


Robert Clinch 
Pythagoras 2016 (detail)
graphite, chalk and conte pencils
on blue paper
39 x 73cm


Winner Jim Cox 
700 x 850mm of Grass 2017 (detail)
pen and ink
104 x 84cm

Judges Statement



Nicole Crosswell 
Antoinette’s Camellias 2017 (detail)
ink on Arches paper
57 x 76.5cm



Jan Dunlop 
Class of Ten 2016/17 (detail)
pen, ink and pencil with
 tissue overlay
41 x 51cm


Wendy Epp 
Journey to Alaska 2017 (detail)
mixed media-ink, pencil, acrylic
109 x 85cm




Ruth Horton 
Embedded-Bird in Landscape 2017 (detail)

charcoal, oil, collage
on watercolour paper

75 x 56cm


Helen Lawson 
Drawn to Colour 2017 (detail)
oil stick
120 x 120 cm




Michelle Maclennan
The Wave 2017 (detail)
tinted graphite and pencil on paper
77.5 x 110.5cm





Deb Mostert 
Riswan (Merops philippinus)
Sri Lanka 2015 (detail)

charcoal and white chalk
on Stonehenge paper

80 x 60cm

Jane Parker 
Wandering at North
Sunshine Beach 2017 (detail)

watercolour and charcoal
on Arches paper
75 x 56cm

Alan Pirie 
Three Apostles 2017 (detail)
graphite on canvas
92 x 122cm




Beatrice Prost 
Rhythm on a Range 2017 (detail)
hand drawn ink on
paper; Perspex framed
80 x 60cm



Trevor Purvis 
Garston Station, Darling River 2017 (detail) 
charcoal, acrylics, pastel
55 x 61cm



Jan Rae 
Headland 2017 (detail)
graphite, charcoal, chalk, oil stick,
on Arches paper
80 x 100cm



Agnieszka Ragankiewicz
Salty 2016 (detail)
ink on paper
76 x 60cm

Phillip Rolton
Reflections 2017 (detail)
pen and wash
57.5 x 66cm


Michael Simms
Reverberate III 2016 (detail)

charcoal on paper

60 x 70cm



Kym Tabulo 
Six Decades of Life 2017 (detail)
charcoal and collage
40 x 153cm



Greer Townshend
The Woods 2017 (detail)
charcoal and papercutting on paper
150 x 150cm



Sam Vatovey 
Blinded by the Light 2017 (detail)
oil stick, crayon and graphite on linen
150 x 120cm




Pam Walpole
The Rock 2017 (detail)
ink, pastel
95 x 115cm






Marg Watt
End of Season 2017 (detail)
pen and ink, watercolour,
hand carving on eco
dyed 300gsm
watercolour paper
66 x 47.5cm



Angelique Waves
Coast 2017 (detail)
ink and watercolour
109.2 x 78.7cm