19 Oct to 2 Dec  2018
Noosa Regional Gallery invites you to the offcial opening of three exhibitions.
Official opening Friday, 19 October, 6pm
Free event. All welcome


Image credits:
1.Michael Simms, reverberate iii 9detail),2016,charcoahl on paper,60x70cm. finailsit in the Lyn McCrea Memorail Drawing Prize 2017.
2. Hope Ahcheen,Esperanca (detail),2018,pen pn paper,29.7x42cm
3. Godwin Bradbeer,Apologia - 1000 Tears (detail) 2016,chinagraph,pastel and acrylic on paper,161x131cm


Lyn McCrea Memorial Drawing Prize 2018

Ginny Grayson with her work Min Little Black Muse Charcoal on paper.

Artists Statement 


Drawing helps to slow things down and keep me in the moment, at a level that feels grounded.  I enjoy working with the medium, the chaos of looking, the glitches and what evolves throughout – difficult though it can be! My hope is the work itself will convey what is ineffable for me, and be viscerally felt. To quote an excerpt of one, from many, artists writings I relate to, “…it is not as if I have an image the world has to see. Rather I have a need to be making marks…” (William Kentridge)