23 March - 6 May 2018

    Invisible Soldiers and Shrouded Machines -  
    Official opening: Saturday 24 March 2018,  2pm



Invisible Soldiers and Shrouded Machines brings together a series of paintings and drawings that describe and reveal the presence of military camouflage in the  environment. In some works, objects such as vehicles may be guessed at by the  impression they leave on the heavy green covers draped over them in imagery recalling  Magritte’s The Lovers. In others, distant and unidentified soldiers move through foliage  with unknown purpose. In these works however the shrouding serves to liberate rather  than stifle. Such is the paradox of war.





Stencil Art Prize -
The World’s Largest Stencil   Exhibition
Official opening: Saturday 24 March 2018, 2pm

The 2017 Stencil Art Prize Touring Exhibition showcases 67 stencil artists from 25 countries.
Influenced by the ephemeral nature of street art, these stencil-based works
blend pop-culture imagery and global politics to highlight the growing concerns of a socially engaged generation of artists.