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15 June - 23 July 2017

What's up Sunshine?

The 50th Anniversary of the naming of the Sunshine Coast


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Noosa Council presents an exhibition that tells the story of the last
50 years of Noosa’s history. The exhibition is part of a range of
activities planned to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the naming of the Sunshine Coast. The exhibition will focus on the people and events that have shaped the region

over the last 50 years and explore themes such as holidays, tourism, surfing, environment,
festivals, planning and development.

August 2017 marks 50 years since the adoption of the name  ‘Sunshine Coast’ to describe the region from Caloundra to Noosa. The then Landsborough, Maroochy and Noosa councils endorsed the name to cover the three shires for promotional purposes, replacing the name “near North Coast”, which had been in use and which was not considered distinct enough or identifiable by southerners. The name was officially gazetted by the Queensland government in July 1967 to take effect from 1 August 1967.

Image : Sunshine Coast Newspapers Chief Photographer Ted Robinson demonstrates for models,(detail) Noosa Woods, ca 1980s.  Photographer Ian Murray.  Image courtesy of Noosa Library Service/Picture Noosa.


15 June - 23 July 2017

Fabula Mundi by Rosalind Woodward



Rosalind Woodward’s Dupion silk works present like cultural garments. Fifteen years in the making, their restricted palette and minimal design hint at national costume or period piece. Rosalind’s creations came into being after many years  discussing Depth Psychology with her late  husband, who also was an artist "Fabula Mundi" or Story of the World is a journey into what separates, and connects the conscious and unconscious mind. Each garment is a study in patience, restraint and dedication, some taking six months to complete. 

Image: Rosalind Woodward, Sea Snake No 1 (detail), dupion silk garment, 104x108cm.