6 Sept to 14 Oct 2018

As far as the eye can see
Official opening, Thursday 6 September, 6pm
Free event. All welcome.

Guest speaker: Rilka Oakley, Curator at Blue Mountains Cultural Centre.

Join us for an artist talk by Julie Paterson from 5.30pm


Image:Susanna Castleden, Bitumen Landscape (Indian Ocean Drive) 2016, frottage & screen print on gesso paper maps, 210 x 360 cm. Photo: silversalt

As far as the eye can see

Antonia Aitken, Raymond Arnold, G. W. Bot, Susanna Castleden, Jan Davis,
Gary Jolley, Locust Jones,Martin King, Judith Martinez, Clyde McGill, Helen Mueller,
Alice Nampitjinpa, Dorothy Napangardi, Daniel O’Shane, Janet Parker-Smith,
Julie Paterson, Olga Sankey, Gary Shinfield, Rochelle Summerfield,
Chris Tobin, Judy Watson and Freedom Wilson.

As far as the eye can see is an exhibition of works by prominent Australian
printmakers investigating their local landscapes. It celebrates the breadth and
depth of printmaking practice in Australia today and is a stunning
reflection of Australia’s unique and varied geography.The artists express
their stories and relationships to the land through a variety of print media,
describing the vast scale or intimate detail of our diverse natural environment.

A Blue Mountains Cultural Centre exhibition curated by Rilka Oakley in association
with the Print Council of Australia’s 50th Anniversary celebrations.