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1 December - 21 January  2018 

y Domestic Duties Chapter Three ‘Sacred in the Domestic’
Taking the humble tasks of the domestic and discovering the sacred, Schoenberger playswith semiotics and symbolism to create metaphors and portals of understanding in this final exploration of Domestic Duties. She finds the ephemera of household chores that connects communities and represents personal concepts of connection, hopes and dreams.

Featuring AR artists Danielle Caners, Eeva Meltio, Ghost Patrol, Neon Mystic, Sutu, Marc-o-Matic, Petrus Louhio and Sky Ogden. This exhibition brings art to life with animation and sound. Working with contemporary artists, animators and musicians from around the world to create originalworks of Augmented Art that pushes the boundaries of this new exciting medium. Augmented Reality technology has the magical power to evoke wonder, challenge your perception of reality and provide a new perspective and sensory experience.
Object Therapy is an exhibition and project that explores creative transformation and notions of value and repair. Object Therapy showcases innovative design solutions while exploring the attachments we form with objects. As a project and exhibition, it encourages us to rethink our habits of material consumption while exploring and celebrating the role and creative possibilities of repair in society.
Object Therapy is a project by Hotel Hotel. Developed in partnership with UNSW Art & Design and ANU School of Art and Design.
Object Therapy is part of ADC On Tour, the Australian Design Centre’s national touring program,
supported by the Australian Government’s, Visions of Australia (Visions) program.