Autumn 2017 Autumn 2017

Animal FanFair: Animals-Humans-Environment
2 March - 23 April 2017


Claude Jones, Beast of Burden,2011, acrylic paint, pencil, collage and screenprint on canvas, 112 x 111cm. Image Al Sim 


Animal FanFair: Humans – Animals – Environment draws attention to humankind’s changing relationships with animals which are complex and often contradictory. The artists examine human nature and challenge us to think about how we treat animals, asking us to question the ethics of keeping, killing and engineering new species of animals.

Artists include: Katka Adams, Marian Drew, Hayden Fowler, Kelly Hussey-Smith, Owen Hutchison, Claude Jones, Sam Leach, Emma Lindsay, Rod McRae and Walter Stahl.

Curator’s talk

Date: Thursday 2 March, 4pm.
Join Karen Tyler for an informative talk and tour of the Animal FanFair exhibition.
Free event, RSVP appreciated


Animal FanFair is a Moreton Bay Regional Council touring exhibition, managed by Museum and Galleries Queensland. This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Sam Leach ,Mouflon ,2013 ,Oil and resin on wood 50x 80cm.Image:Andrew Wuttke 




2 March - 23 April 2017

Rachel Newling  
Linocuts, Engravings & Drawings



w Acclaimed and much loved artist Rachel Newling

is exhibiting a selection of her distinctive and beautiful hand coloured linocuts, engravings and pastel drawings of our native fauna and flora. 

Rachel is an established artist from Sydney who recently relocated to the Noosa area. She’s had numerous solo exhibitions and has works held in public gallery collections including those of the Manly Art Gallery and Museum, Australian War Memorial, Artbank, Cairns Regional Gallery and the Royal Botanic Gardens Trust.
Invitation here [734KB] 




 2 March - 23 April '17


Captivating Creatures II 
Fiona Groom, Janet Carew and Sara Bell 


‘Captivating Creatures II’ is a fresh take on the recent ‘Captivating Creatures’ as Fiona Groom and Janet Carew invite Sara Bell to join the conversation, for this second public outing. Each of the three women find inspiration in the animal kingdom ‘Captivating Creatures II’ is their celebration of the lives of animals. Colour, movement, composition and content all adding energy and quirk, in this lively show. 





29 April - 11 June 2017

Ruben Pang
The Glass Eye Opens

Ruben Pang, Gated Community (detail),2016 - 2017,oil
and alkyd on aluminum panel,63 x 73 cm

Ruben Pang 
Ruben Pang's exhibition is building on Noosa Regional Galleries previous exhibitions of Southeast Asian art, and this solo presentation by Ruben Pang will present to the Sunshine Coast residents a new series of works by one of the most exciting young artists practising in the region. Ruben will travel through Queensland to immerse him in Australian art, particularly James Gleeson and Albert Tucker whom his works have an affinity with. Ruben’s works are not only highly sought after but he represents the new generation of global artists who travel extensively to connect more deeply with the world and its environs. 
Ruben Pang - The Glass Eye Opens
This series of paintings are composed around a medley of the supernatural, folklore and
bio-luminescence. I treat the landscape format as a stage. Through spectacular scenery or dramatic sky, there's a sensation of integration, a feeling of escaping the confines of the body and mind. Tapping into such subconscious arenas to find new angles of self analysis and inspiration is the means I find most potency creatively.


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Wanton,Wild and Unimagined
Alison McDonald 

Flow (detail) 2010-2013,Up-cycled plastic lids & cable ties 12 x 7m.Image Credit: Through the Looking Glass 

Wanton, Wild and Unimagined is a playful exhibition of sculptured recycled
plastics that stirs the imagination and evokes environmental reflection.
Townsville environmental artist, Alison McDonald has spent
many hours manipulating the humble plastic bottle, and collecting thousands of lids to make a variety of unimagined and impossible creations inspired by plants, oceans and by John Wyndham’s book, The Day of the Triffids. 


A travelling exhibition organised by Umbrella Studio contemporary arts, toured by Museums & Galleries Queensland. This project has been assisted by the Australian Government's Visions of Australia program; and supported by the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, an initiative of the Australian, state and territory governments.




Greer Townshend 


Heart, a series of drawings on large unfolded origami hearts, depicts the moments in life we fold-up to keep and unfold to re-live. Explore the otherworldly secretsof the heart through kirigami (papercuttting) and archetypal imagery such as body prints, woven baskets and butterflies in charcoal and ink. Interlaced, these ideas highlight the delicate and ineffable nature of the soul, while inviting viewers to ask themselves what they hold dear.



      11 May - 17 June 2018

The Gallery is open Tuesday to Friday, 10am-4pm;
      Saturday and Sunday, 10am-3pm.
      Closed Mondays, public holidays and during exhibition changeovers.  

Phil RoltonParis-Noosa: Art, Environment & Realism

An exhibition by local artist Phil Rolton
Paris-Noosa presents a series of contemporary realist paintings created with pen and watercolour. This technically impressive series of works juxtaposes two of Phil Rolton’s enduring passions – his commitment to Noosa’s natural environment and his love for the urban street life of Paris.




Have you ever wondered.....

Miles Allen

Miles Allen has been searching for and gathering found objects for many years. Influenced by his travels and work in remote Aboriginal art centres, he encourages viewers to look again and to re-think their relationships to everyday items.

Have you ever wondered asks questions about our sense of ownership, possession, repurposing and the ever-changing passing of life and time.


Naked Beauty Displayed

For centuries, the human figure has been the most complex and eloquent subject for an artist to paint and draw. Glenise Clelland continues to work in this tradition, employing the live model as a means to hone her powers of observation while providing a space for the exploration of composition, colour, texture and form.

Naked Beauty Displayed provides a glimpse into the artist’s process – an opportunity to witness an evolution from first marks to the realisation of accomplished works that celebrate human form.