Autumn 2015 Autumn 2015

Flying Home, (detail), handcut vinyl wall work. Edition 2/6, size: 90 x 220cm. Image courtesy of the artist.


Tales from the Eastern Highlands- Ulrike Sturm

The experience of living in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea as a child during the 1970s has had an enduring influence on Noosa artist Ulrike Sturm. The works in this exhibition are an exploration of the artist's memories of this experience, using the technique of hand-cut vinyl.


Jasmine Togo-Brisby, Austr-alien, Ink, watercolour and acrylic on canvas, 91.5 x 122cm, 2012.


From Here and There

Australian South Sea Islanders are the Australian born descendants of people brought here between 1863 and 1904 to work the cotton and sugar plantations industries. They arrived from eighty Pacific islands, with the majority from Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. In 1994 the Commonwealth Government formally recognised Australian South Sea Islander (ASSI) people as a distinct cultural community. Twenty years on this exhibition brings together ASSI artists to creatively explore the hidden and difficult stories associated with ASSI heritage; to promote their unique culture; continued ties with their ancestral islands; and search for family and identity.

From Here and There is an abridged version of the exhibition developed to commemorate ASSI 150, 2013. The exhibition is toured by Blue Sky View.


"Floored!" 2014, 100cm x 100cm. Medium-metallic photographic paper with a semi solid laminate 100% UV protected mounted on perspex.

"Tangled Up in Hue!"

Rob Roy explores the boundaries between painting and photography. His exhibition of large, vibrant and textural works evoke emotional responses and challenge the viewer to a different perspective on photography.



SOUND TREK - Salli Sixpence

Artist Salli Sixpence uses macro photography and bevel mirrored sunlight refraction to create a reinterpretation of all things botanical. A petal, a twig, a pebble, a stick, salt, sump oil, coffee, colour card - all morph into entirely new life forms and vistas. All become grist for the Photo Lumiere mill to generate a bird on the wing or a desert range landscape.


Noosa Skyscape , inkjet print on canvas, 2014, size 30 x 30 cm. Image courtesy the artist.

Noosa Skyscapes

Judith Ahern investigates and photographs the coastal environs and skyscapes of the Noosa area. Her work addresses the landscape as a theme and also encompasses an exploration of the digital processes.