ArtCycle ArtCycle


Biannual ArtCycle Prize 2019
A Community Art Exhibition and Competition Inspired by Council’s Towards Zero Waste strategy. 

ArtCycle aims to raise awareness of Noosa Council’s tip shop and resource centres across the Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay regions. Original works of art and sculptures, are eligible to enter into ArtCycle 2018. Artworks must be made from reused &/ recycled materials and must demonstrate a high level of creative proficiency. 

2017 Winners


 First Prize
 Stuart Gollan 
 Recycled metals
 58 x 44 x 92 cm


Sophy Blake
Poly pipe, chicken wire, rubber tubing, venetian blinds
160 x 70 x 200cm


Victoria Bradbury 
Fleur Tries Contemplating the Future Through Rose Coloured Glasses 2017
Papier Mache
110 x 80 x 95cm