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Noosa Art Award - 2016 Winner announced

Anna Glynn has won Noosa Regional Gallery’s 2016 Noosa Art Award for her video work ‘Cane’. The Jaspers Brush (NSW) artist will take home $10,000 in prize money for her piece, which is on display at Noosa Regional Gallery until 26 June.

Judge’s Comment:
“I like the ambition of this work, the way in which it speaks to the theme of modern Australian landscape and an environmental Armageddon, that journeys from the microcosm of a single fire to a potential cataclysmic event. The transformation inherent in fire is captured as the moving image work develops, and notes early the dwarfing of humanity at the hands of a natural force. The trajectory of the fire is evocatively captured, the cataclysmic fireworks, the accompanying soundscape, and then the denouement, bringing to mind the cycle of day and night, the trajectory of other natural weather events, the human journey itself.”

Louise Martin-Chew, 2016 Judge Noosa Art Award

2016 Noosa Art Award Judge’s Commendation:
Chris Bennie, ‘The Waves’
Charlotte Tegan, ‘Lap Pool of the Gods’


The Lyn McCrea Memorial Drawing Prize - 2016 Winner announced

Rosie Lloyd-Giblett has won the inaugural Lyn McCrea Memorial Drawing Prize for her work 'Sweet Sediment'. The Cooroy artist will take home $1000 in prize money for her piece, which is on display at Noosa Regional Gallery until 26 June.

Judge’s Comment:

“Since this is a drawing prize, I felt I needed to distinguish drawing from other art forms and judge in those terms – not just on taste or aesthetics, whatever the subject matter. The distinction I make is not only in the materials used (like pencil, brush or crayon on paper), the word ‘drawing’ itself broadly means to ‘draw or work something out; to delve into the unknown’ – not merely present or illustrate what’s already known.

Artists experiment in all media but the ‘easy-to-hand’ nature of drawing gives freedom to expand an idea, try it multiple ways and take ‘risks’ more than one might in the ‘hard copy’ art forms; which tend to bring preconceived ideas to a higher quality finish. On this basis, I came around to my choice of the winning work and four High Commendations.”

Ian Smith, 2016 Judge Lyn McCrea Memorial Drawing Prize

2016 Lyn McCrea memorial Drawing Prize Judge’s Commendation:
Joolie Gibbs
Greer Townshend
Robyn Kinsella
Cheryl Kensett